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Toolchain Plugin

Our toolchain plugin is a one-stop way to get bootstrap-plus with all features. Contains all necessary responders, table decorators and even a few new table types. Get the jar with all dependencies from the releases page or maven and place it in your wiki/plugins folder for FitNesse to pick it up. This approach will automagically register the theme and set it as default in FitNesse. To be able to use debug script tables, you’ll need to also add Toolchain-fixtures to your fixtures (and add it to slim’s classpath). Comes with a bunch of handy utility fixtures, too, like:

  • Pause test fixture
  • Calculator
  • Ws Security Xml Http Test
  • Sftp fixture
  • CSV Fixture
  • Image compare
  • PDF Compare
  • And more!
Option 1 - Download Jar:
  • Get it from Maven: Maven repo (download jar-with-dependencies)
  • Place it in your plugins-folder
  • Start FitNesse
Option 2 - Maven dependency plugin
  • Add the following plugin (or just the executon if you’re already using the dependency-plugin)to your pom.xml:
Option 3 - Use Hsac-fitnesse-fixtures boilerplate

The plugin is included in hsac-fitnesse-fixtures’ standalone package. Gives you a full featured allround testing tool that blows away most of the competition! Get it from Github

Just the theme

If you want to use just the theme, and use it to roll your own perfect version of FitNesse: you can get everything from maven: Latest version on maven Central

Note that without the plugin, you will miss out on the context helper, side bar, tag manager and context-aware autocomplete.